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  • The United KingdomFCA (Regulatory number: 923324) Institution Forex License (STP) held by belongs to the scope of institutional business, excluding retail business. It cannot open accounts for individual investors. Be aware of the risks!

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IEXS · Benchmark
Average transaction speed(ms)
381.4 Good
The highest transaction speed(ms)
The highest speed of opening positions(ms)
The highest speed of closing position(ms)
203 Good
The lowest speed of opening positions(ms)
The lowest speed of closing position(ms)
1096 Good
14.98USD/Lot Good
37.92USD/Lot Good
Long: -8.49USD/Lot    Short: 1.5USD/Lot
Long: -28.14USD/Lot    Short: 10.1USD/Lot Poor
Average slippage
-0.2 Great
Maximum transaction slippage
-2 Perfect
Maximum positive slippage
-2 Great
Maximum negative slippage
0 Perfect
Average disconnection frequency (times/day)
0.2 Perfect
Average reconnection time (millisecond/per request)
Ranking: 68 / 133
Test user 494
Orders 10,168
Ocuppied margin $2,725,272 USD
Data Source WikiFX Data provide
Updated: 2024-07-11 01:00:00

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Pyramid scheme complaint

Weird platform, maliciously delete orders, modify background passwords, and do not give money for profit.

Please enter that my account was opened and deposited in August, and I placed a 0.7 crude oil short order. It was not in the early trading hours, and I still lost money before the end of August. At the beginning of September, I made a profit withdrawal, in September? I closed all the positions and made a profit every day, applied for a withdrawal, and received an email from the platform, telling me that the illegal transaction was only settled until August 30, and the profit in September was not calculated, and my mt4 account password and background login password were modified. Waiting for the review notice, the so-called violation can't be said. In fact, traders can only lose money on this platform, and can't make money. Otherwise, why not give money? Now my friend tells me that this platform is a white label platform that I bought in the name of foreign capital, so it is very likely that my order has not been sold to the market. Even thousands of dollars in profit can’t be withdrawn. Why is this kind of platform just and fair to promote in the market? We provided the platform with the complaint email, but there was no reply, and the account manager did not deal with it. Now we can only negotiate with the platform through a third party, and give our traders justice. If the problem is not solved, we will fight with the platform to the end. The platform withdraws from the foreign exchange market.

2022-09-14 13:32
Mkt. Analysis

IEXS · Company Summary

Company Summary

Company profile

Basic Information & Regulators of IEXS

IEXS Securities and IEXS Markets are subsidiaries of the IEXS Group, headquartered in London, UK, with offices in Hong Kong, New York, Dubai, Vanuatu, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines and the British Virgin Islands. IEXS has set offices in Hong Kong, New York, Dubai, Vanuatu, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and the British Virgin Islands. The forex broker currently holds a retail forex license from the  Australian Securities and Investments Commission(ASIC), License Number: 001301063.

Safety Analysis of IEXS

IEXS  have a mainstream regulatory license in Australia and UK. The official website of this broker does not mention the deposit and withdrawal method and commission matters, and the leverage setting is relatively high. Therefore investors should be extra cautious when choosing this forex broker.

Market Instruments of IEXS

IEXS Forex offers investors access to popular tradable instruments in the global financial markets, mainly forex (including major global currency pairs), indices, metals, energies and stocks.

Leverage & Account

Forex, metals, and energy are traded with leverage of up to 1:500, and to meet different traders' trading needs and experience, IEX offers two account types, Standard Accounts and DMA Accounts.

Spreads & Commission Fees of IEXS

The spreads on the Standard account are 1.8 pips on EURUSD, 2.2 pips on GBPUSD, 2.3 pips on EURGBP, 4.6 pips on XAUUSD, 2.0 pips on XAUUSD, 5.0 pips on UKOil, 5.0 pips on USOil, 2.0 pips on German 30 Index and 12.0 pips on Hong Kong Hang Seng Index. The spreads for DMA accounts start from 0.1 pips.

Trading Platform Applied of IEXS

IEXS offers traders a wide range of analytical and trading tools for financial markets - the MT4 trading platform. The broker provides traders with powerful, convenient trading tools and a secure, reliable trading setup with 3 execution modes, 2 market orders, 4 pending orders, 2 stop orders and a trailing stop, 30 technical indicators, and available for desktop, web, and mobile versions.

Registered in United Kingdom
Regulated by FCA, ASIC
Year(s) of establishment 2-5 years
Trading instruments Forex pairs, commodities, stocks, indices, options, bonds, futures, crypto and funds
Minimum Initial Deposit $200
Maximum Leverage 1:500
Minimum spread 0.1 pips onwards
Trading platform MT4, MT5 and IEXS WebTrader
Deposit and withdrawal method Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, UnionPay, Help2Pay, AfrAsia
Customer Service 24/5 service, Email, phone number, FAQ section, live chat
Fraud Complaints Exposure No for now

Overview of IEXS

Overview of IEXS

Regulatory Status

IEXS is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), with the license number of 001301063.

Regulatory Status

Additionally, this broker also operates under regulation of FCA, with regulatory license number 923324.


When brokers are regulated, it brings significant advantages. First and foremost, it provides investor protection by ensuring brokers conduct business within the boundaries of the law, minimizing fraudulent and manipulative acts, hence, fostering a more secure climate for investors.

Besides, financial transparency is assured as regulated brokers are compelled to observe stringent financial reporting protocols, thus empowering investors with clear and reliable information critical in decision-making.

Additionally, should disputes arise between brokers and their clients, regulatory bodies offer dispute resolution mechanisms, offering an avenue for fair redress. Regulated brokers are also mandated to incorporate risk management rules, reducing the chances of financial downfall or substantial economic challenges.

Lastly, regulations often necessitate brokers to segregate clients' funds from the brokers' operational resources, hence guarding clients' investment from being misused for other purposes by the broker.

Pros and Cons of IEXS

IEXS presents a diverse array of trading instruments, including forex, indices, shares, metals, and cryptocurrencies, making it suitable for various trading strategies. Its utilization of the popular MetaTrader 4/5 platform enhances user experience and accessibility. However, the platform lacks comprehensive educational resources, which may hinder novice traders' learning curve. Moreover, information regarding commissions and payment methods remains unclear, potentially causing confusion for users. Despite these drawbacks, IEXS operates with regulatory oversight, providing a level of security for traders. Additionally, the platform offers multi-lingual 24/5 support, ensuring assistance is available when needed. Overall, while IEXS provides trading opportunities, traders should exercise caution due to the limited support resources and potential ambiguities regarding fees and payment methods.

Pros Cons
  • Diverse range of trading instruments
  • Lacks comprehensive educational resources
  • Utilizes the popular MetaTrader 4/5 platform
  • Unclear information on commission and payment methods
  • Operates with regulatory oversight
  • Provides multi-lingual 24/5 support

What Type of Broker is IEXS?

Pros Cons
No conflict of interest Higher spreads than market makers
No requotes Less control over spreads
Direct access to liquidity providers Slippage can occur during high market volatility

IEXS operates as a Straight Through Processing (STP) broker. This means that they do not act as a market maker, instead, they pass their clients' orders directly to liquidity providers such as banks or other brokers. By doing so, they can provide their clients with a transparent trading environment with no conflict of interest. This also eliminates the need for requotes as the prices offered are taken directly from the liquidity providers. However, since IEXS does not control the spreads, they may be higher than what market makers offer. In addition, slippage can occur during high market volatility since there is no guarantee that the order will be filled at the requested price. Nonetheless, STP brokers like IEXS are often preferred by traders who value transparency and fair trading conditions.

Market Instruments

Pros Cons
  • 63+ forex pairs available, including major and emerging pairs
  • Limited selection of shares compared to some other brokers
  • CFDs available on global index instruments
  • No options on individual stocks available
  • Range of metals and energy products, including gold, silver, and oil
  • Limited selection of bonds and futures
  • Reputable shares available for trading
  • Crypto selection is limited to a few major coins
  • Options, bonds, futures, crypto, and funds also available

IEXS offers a diverse range of instruments for trading, with a focus on forex, index CFDs, metals, energy, and shares. With over 63 forex pairs, traders have a broad selection to choose from, including both major and emerging pairs. The availability of CFDs on global index instruments also provides opportunities for traders to diversify their portfolios. In addition, IEXS offers a range of metals and energy products, including gold, silver, and Brent and West Texas crude oil, as well as reputable shares and other investment instruments like options, bonds, futures, crypto, and funds. However, there are some limitations, such as a limited selection of shares compared to other brokers, no options on individual stocks, and a relatively small selection of bonds, futures, and cryptocurrencies. Overall, IEXS offers a good variety of trading instruments, with enough options to satisfy many traders.

Market instruments
Market instruments

Spreads and Commissions for Trading with IEXS

Advantages Disadvantages
Transparent and detailed spread and commission information provided Some spreads and commissions may be higher than competitors
No hidden fees Certain accounts may have higher commissions
Competitive spreads for major currency pairs Other brokers may offer lower spreads for some instruments
No requotes or hidden charges No discounts for high volume traders or VIP clients

IEXS provides customers with transparent and detailed information on spreads and commissions, which is commendable. The trading instruments interface displays a comprehensive table showing the spreads, margin call, lot value, and margin stop levels for each instrument. This makes it easy for customers to compare the costs of different instruments and make informed trading decisions. The spreads for major currency pairs such as EURUSD are competitive, with a spread of 1.8 pips. Additionally, there are no hidden fees or charges, and there are no requotes. However, some spreads and commissions may be higher than competitors, and certain accounts may have higher commissions. Furthermore, there are no discounts for high volume traders or VIP clients.

Forex Trading:

EURUSD: Spread of 1.4 pips

USDJPY: Spread of 2.1 pips

GBPUSD: Spread of 2.2 pips

AUDUSD: Spread of 2.2 pips

USDCAD: Spread of 2.3 pips

USDCHF: Spread of 2.4 pips

NZDUSD: Spread of 2.4 pips

AUDCAD: Spread of 2.6 pips

AUDCHF: Spread of 2.8 pips

AUDJPY: Spread of 2.5 pips

Metals & Energy:

XAUUSD (Gold): Spread of 2.9 pips

XAGUSD (Silver): Spread of 2.4 pips

UKOUSD (Crude Oil): Spread of 5.0 pips

USOUSD (Crude Oil): Spread of 5.0 pips

Indices & Shares:

DE30: Spread of 2.0 pips

EU50: Spread of 21.0 pips

HK50: Spread of 12.0 pips

JP225: Spread of 18.0 pips

UK100: Spread of 19.0 pips

US30: Spread of 22.0 pips

CSI300: Spread of 16.8 pips

AU200: Spread of 27.0 pips

FR40: Spread of 17.0 pips

UT100: Spread of 18.0 pips

Crypto Currency:

BTCUSD (Bitcoin): Spread of 240 pips

ETHUSD (Ethereum): Spread of 400 pips

Trading Accounts Available in IEXS

Advantages Disadvantages
Variety of account types to suit different trading needs High minimum deposit requirement for DMA account
No commission charges for Standard Account Limited range of account types
Access to deep liquidity and maximum control with DMA account No Islamic account available
Sophisticated and state-of-the-art trading platforms (MT4 and MT5)
Demo account with virtual funds of 100,000 USD

IEXS offers two account types to cater to different trading needs, with a minimum deposit requirement of USD 200 for the Standard Account and USD 10,000 for the DMA Account.

The Standard Account, requiring a minimum deposit of $200, is tailored for traders seeking a traditional FX trading experience. With ultra-competitive spreads and no commissions, it provides an accessible option for those starting out or preferring simplicity.

On the other hand, the DMA Account, requiring a higher minimum deposit of $10,000, is designed for traders desiring direct market access, deep liquidity, and maximum control over their execution strategy.

Lastly, IEXS provides a demo account with $100,000 virtual capital, allowing traders to practice and familiarize themselves with the platform risk-free before committing real funds.

Account Type Trading Platform Minimum Deposit Maximum Leverage Spread Commission
StandardAccount MT4/MT5/ IEXS APP $200 1:800 From 1.7 pips No
DMA Account MT4/MT5 $10000 1:400 From 0.1 pips

Trading accounts available

How to Open a Real Account?

Applying for a trading account with IEXS is quick and easy. Simply follow their three-step process outlined below:

1. Complete their simple online form and get instant access to their trading platforms while they verify your details.

2. You may be required to upload additional documents to verify your identity (proof of identity, bank statement and proof of address etc.)

3. The staff will inform you once your application has been approved, you can then deposit funds through their secure online process and start trading!

Maximum Leverage of IEXS

The Standard account provides a maximum leverage of 1:800, while the DMA Account offers a maximum leverage of 1:400.

Trading Platform(s) that IEXS Offers

IEXS offers traders a range of platforms including the widely popular MetaTrader 4 and 5, as well as their own WebTrader platform. These platforms are highly customizable, user-friendly and come with advanced charting tools, technical analysis capabilities, and the ability to use expert advisors and automated trading strategies. In addition, the WebTrader platform is browser-based, making it easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. However, some of the drawbacks include limited educational resources for beginners, limited integration with third-party tools and plugins, and no support for social trading features like copy-trading or signals. Overall, IEXS provides a reliable and robust trading platform for traders of all levels.

MetaTrader 4: Designed for trading and analyzing financial markets, MT4 is particularly tailored for Forex and CFD trading. It is available for both PC and mobile devices, with compatibility for Windows, Mac, iOS, iPad, and Android platforms. Additionally, a web trader version for MT4 is anticipated to be launched soon, enhancing accessibility for traders.

MetaTrader 5: MT5 is another powerful trading platform offered by IEXS, providing advanced trading features and analysis tools for various financial markets.

IEXS Trading App: The IEXS Trading App is a versatile investment platform that allows traders to access different markets and products conveniently.

Trading platform(s)

Here is an introducing video about their MT4 channel on their official YouTube website.

Trading Tools

IEXS offers powerful trading tools to support traders:

Economic Calendar: Stay informed about upcoming economic reports and volatility to make informed trading decisions.

Trading Calculator: Our Forex calculator automates essential calculations like margin requirements, commissions, and pip values. This simplifies risk management and trade planning.

  • Forex Margin Calculator: Easily determine required margins for new positions.

  • Forex Pip Value Calculator: Manage trade risk by calculating pip risk-to-reward ratios.

  • Forex Profit & Loss Calculator: Estimate potential profits and assess trading strategies effectively.

trading tools

Deposit and Withdrawal

IEXS offers the following payment methods for clients to make deposits and withdrawals:

  • Bitcoin (₿):

  • Litecoin (Ł):

  • Ethereum (Ξ):

  • Tether (₮):

  • UnionPay:

  • Help2Pay:

  • AfrAsia:

Deposit and Withdrawal

Educational Resources in IEXS

Pros Cons
  • Access to economic calendar and market news
  • Limited educational materials
  • Daily analysis reports and technical analysis tools
  • No formal education program or courses offered
  • Trading calculators and risk management tools
  • No live webinars or seminars offered
  • Investor protection resources, such as negative balance protection
  • Limited market analysis tools

IEXS provides a decent range of educational resources to help their traders stay informed and make informed decisions. The economic calendar and market news keep traders up-to-date on the latest developments in the markets they trade.

Additionally, daily analysis reports and technical analysis tools are available to help traders analyze and make sense of market movements. Trading calculators and risk management tools help traders calculate and manage risk when making trades. While IEXS lacks a formal education program or courses, they do offer investor protection resources such as negative balance protection. The only downside is the limited market analysis tools and the absence of live webinars or seminars for traders to learn and interact with experienced professionals.

Educational resources

Customer Service of IEXS

Pros Cons
Multiple customer support channels available (Email, phone, FAQ) No live chat support available
24/5 customer support available

When it comes to customer care, IEXS offers various channels for customers to reach out to them for support, such as email, phone and FAQ section on their website. Additionally, they offer 24/5 customer support, which means that their support team is available for assistance during trading hours throughout the week. While these are certainly positive aspects of their customer care dimension, they do not offer live chat support, which is a popular and convenient method for customers to get quick answers to their queries.

Customer service of IEXS


In conclusion, IEXS is a UK-based forex broker that offers a range of trading instruments including forex, indices, metals, energy, shares, options, bonds, futures, crypto and funds. The company provides access to three trading platforms, including MT4, MT5, and IEXS WebTrader, as well as a demo account for traders to practice their strategies. IEXS also offers educational resources, an economic calendar, and market news to assist traders in making informed trading decisions. While IEXS offers competitive spreads and leverage up to 1:500, there are limitations in terms of the lack of transparency around deposit and withdrawal methods and fees. Additionally, the minimum deposit for the DMA account is quite high at USD 10,000. Overall, IEXS provides a reliable trading environment for traders seeking access to multiple financial markets with excellent customer service and support.

Frequently Asked Questions About IEXS

  • Question: What is IEXS?

  • Answer: IEXS is a UK registered STP forex broker regulated by the FCA and ASIC. The company offers trading in forex, indices, metals & energy, shares, options, bonds, futures, crypto and funds.

  • Question: Is IEXS a regulated broker?

  • Answer: Yes, IEXS is regulated by two major regulatory bodies: the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

  • Question: What trading platforms does IEXS offer?

  • Answer: IEXS offers three trading platforms: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and IEXS WebTrader.

  • Question: What is the minimum deposit requirement for opening an account with IEXS?

  • Answer: The minimum deposit requirement for a standard account is USD 200, while for a DMA account, the minimum deposit is USD 10,000.

Risk Warning

Trading online carries substantial risk, and there's a possibility of losing your entire investment capital. It's important to recognize that online trading may not be suitable for all traders or investors. Before proceeding, ensure you fully comprehend the associated risks. Additionally, note that the details provided in this review could be subject to change as the company updates its services and policies regularly. Furthermore, consider the date when this review was generated, as information may have evolved since then. Therefore, it's recommended to verify the most current information directly with the company before making any decisions or taking action. The reader bears sole responsibility for utilizing the information provided in this review.


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IEXS Headquarters Direct Recruitment IEXS Headquarters Direct Recruitment, surpassing the advantages of other securities firms! Join us and enjoy the following unique advantages: 1. Regulatory License: We have strict regulatory licenses such as FCA and ASIC to ensure the security and legality of your transactions. 2. Diversified Deposit and Withdrawal Methods: Support various deposit and withdrawal methods such as UnionPay, USDT, digital currencies, Help2Pay, and telegraphic transfer, flexible and convenient. 3. Professional Training by Real Nannies: Provide professional training by real nannies, as well as online professional training, to make you a market development expert. 4. 24*5 Online Customer Service Team: We have a 24*5 online customer service team, providing online LIVECHAT customer service and backend customer service to solve your problems at any time. 5. Customer Development Support: Provide comprehensive customer development support such as list support and promotional materials to help you expand your customer base. 6. Market Information Provision: Provide market materials such as activity documents and backend operation documents to help you get started faster and enter development projects. 7. Innovative Activities: We regularly launch innovative activities to attract and develop customers, adding more fun and opportunities to your trading experience. Join IEXS and start a new chapter in your career! Submit your resume immediately and become a member of our strong team! #IB#
2024-06-17 13:02
more than one year
I will briefly talk about the support of this company. Good staff, and I personally appreciate that. One that quickly comes to mind is my assistance with MT5 problem. Prajesh, a working staff, helped me resolve the problem. He was respectful and courteous as well.
2024-05-31 18:39
Minh Nam
more than one year
Order execution is smooth, withdrawals are quick (even on weekends!), and their customer support is excellent in Vietnamese ( I am from Vietnam). They also seem to be accommodating of Expert Advisors (EAs) and allow for smaller deposits.
2024-04-16 16:15
more than one year
On December 29, 2023, when the market opened, all positions were automatically closed. At that time my balance was 10800, all my positions were in hedged status, and my net value was over 450. At the same time, I contacted the IEXS customer service, they said it was a technical error and it would be resolved within 2 minutes, but I still haven't received a response until today.
2024-03-20 18:44
more than one year
The value they give with the free $10,000 in virtual funds for the demo account is a big help. You can test your strategies and get the hang of things without any actual loss. But let’s talk about the main event, the IREX MT4 platform. It's as smooth as they come! Keeping pace with the likes of Exness and FP Markets, it performs quite impressively.Best part? Once, I placed an order in just 0.003 seconds. Honestly, I wasn't expecting that. So, yeah, the platform’s pretty quick. Shortly, I’d say it's worth a shot👍
2024-01-15 17:53
more than one year
IEXS, what a peculiar platform! I can't help but express my deep dissatisfaction with their services. From maliciously deleting orders to modifying backend passwords and withholding profits, my experience has been nothing short of frustrating.
2023-12-15 18:44
more than one year
I traded on it a long time ago. The spread is normal but there has been no slippage. The withdrawal is not fast, but it is smooth. As far as my years of trading experience is concerned, I think it is worth trying if it can be ranked at the middle level.
2022-12-19 13:00
more than one year
I saw that this company claims that it has some kind of deposit bonus... If a company is a scammer, neither the bonus nor your principal will reach your hands in the end, so don't be blinded by these small favors!
2022-12-15 09:42
more than one year
I have a foreign exchange friend who told me that if a foreign exchange broker only has an offshore regulatory license, it is best not to trade with it! I saw that Yingshi Securities only has a Vanuatu license, and a person on wikifx said it was a scam... I decided to stay away from this company.
2022-12-14 16:45
more than one year
I have been trading with this company for 5 months and I am satisfied and will continue to trade. I can trade with the financial products I like! The leverage is only 1:50, but I think forex trading is a very risky thing, we should not be too aggressive.
2022-11-23 10:21


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