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Pyramid scheme complaint

I have to pay an IRS to be able to withdraw my money

In an application to meet people they contacted me, the person did not ask me to make any transfer, but promised to teach me how to earn 10 to 20% on each investment while teaching me the operating process in this way, through Bitso I made the change to USDT the first time for which I invested 229.50 USDT in with their help and I got 273 USDT after the transaction, I was able to transfer this to my Bitso account and transfer it to my bank account without problem, the second time the person told me that the next investment would be special because the trends are very good and that I could earn more than 30% of the investment, so I got $30,000 MXN to invest, in the same way being guided and through Bitso I made the change to USDT, which which gave a total of 1686.89 USDT, later with his help I invested the 1686.89 USDT in and at the end of the operation I earned 67,577.89 USDT. Then they made me ask customer service if my transaction is subject to taxes, after a few hours they told me that according to the amount earned I had to pay 20% to the IRS to be able to use my money normally and if I didn't pay it in 2 business days the amount of the tax would increase 5% more per day of delay, clarifying that what I obtained does not count for the IRS payment. Before the time limit expired he promised to help me with a part if I got the other part and that together we could collect all the tax to be able to withdraw my money, in effect, he transferred me 1,740.19 USDT to the direct link of so I got 20,000 MXN to pay part of the tax, doing the same operations through bitso I transferred to the link the amount of 1,161.12 USDT, this allowed me to request an extension of 3 more days so that the amount of the tax did not increase, later to continue paying the tax I transferred 29.01 USDT to Finally, I tried to request another extension but I had to pay at least 10% of the total so that I could be granted one more day of extension. Two days passed and I asked how much the amount of the tax had risen for the days in arrears, to my surprise there was no increase, so I began to suspect the scam. In total I have lost the amount of 2,877.02 USDT of my own funds that I need to recover. I can't get the 67,577.89 USDT I earned because I can't pay the full tax that they ask me to unfreeze the balance in I need help to get my money back.

2023-08-21 05:07

CFD Trader · Company Summary

Aspect Information
Company Name CFD Trader
Registered Country/Area China
Founded year 2022
Regulation Not regulated
Account Types CFD Trader account
Customer Support Email communication

Overview of CFD Trader

CFD Trader, a company based in China and founded in 2022, operates as an educational platform focused on investment learning. Not regulated in traditional financial terms, it offers users access to educational resources rather than facilitating actual trading or investment transactions.

The platform provides a streamlined CFD Trader account type, emphasizing simplicity and accessibility for users interested in learning about investments. Customer support primarily operates through email communication, ensuring timely responses to user inquiries.

While CFD Trader doesn't directly teach, it serves as a conduit connecting users with educational institutions, offering a gateway to expand knowledge and understanding of investments.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Emphasizes education Unregulated status
Simplified account setup Limited geographical support
Personalized learning paths Lack of direct teaching


  • Emphasizes Education: CFD Trader prioritizes equipping users with knowledge over immediate trading. This focus allows you to build a strong foundation in investments before risking real money. They provide a wealth of educational resources and connect you with educational institutions for a well-rounded learning experience.

  • Simplified Account Setup: The platform boasts a straightforward registration process, making it easy for beginners to get started. This eliminates hurdles often associated with complex signup procedures on other platforms.

  • Personalized Learning Paths: CFD Trader tailors its educational resources to each user's individual goals and interests. This ensures you receive relevant and meaningful information that aligns with your specific investment aspirations.

  • Accessible Information: CFD Trader strives to present investment information in a clear and understandable way. This empowers you to make informed decisions by providing well-structured and easy-to-grasp educational materials.


  • Lack of Regulatory Oversight: As an educational platform, CFD Trader isn't subject to the same level of scrutiny as traditional brokerage firms. This might raise concerns about consumer protection and the transparency of the educational resources offered.

  • Limited Geographical Support: The platform currently excludes residents of the United States from using its services. This restricts access to a significant portion of potential users interested in investment education.

  • Lack of Direct Teaching: While CFD Trader connects users with educational institutions, it doesn't directly provide investment education itself. This reliance on third-party resources limits the depth of control and consistency in the learning experience.

  • Limited Customer Support Channels: Customer support is primarily offered via email. This lack of options like live chat or phone support might be inconvenient for users who prefer more immediate assistance or communication methods.

Regulatory Status

CFD Trader operates primarily as an educational platform rather than a traditional brokerage firm, and as such, it does not fall under the purview of traditional financial regulations.

Unlike conventional trading platforms, Trade Teupro 100 does not facilitate actual trading or investment transactions. Instead, it serves as a gateway for users to access educational resources and connect with educational institutions to expand their knowledge of investments. As a result, it does not require the same level of regulatory oversight as brokerage firms or trading platforms.

Market Instruments

CFD Trader offers a range of products aimed at simplifying the complex world of investments for individuals at any level of expertise. Acting as a guiding light in the realm of investing, the platform serves as a connector between eager learners and expert educational firms, facilitating the exchange of clear, straightforward knowledge. Through these connections, individuals can access foundational insights about investments without encountering the usual confusion and jargon associated with the financial markets.

With Trade Teupro 100's help, users can discover firms that offer educational resources tailored to their needs, whether they are beginners embarking on their investment journey or seasoned investors seeking to deepen their understanding.

Market Instruments

Account Types

CFD Trader offers a streamlined account type with a focus on simplicity and accessibility. With a registration process that is fast and straightforward, users can quickly get started without any registration costs or fees.

The platform's education focus encompasses a wide range of investment options, including crypto, oil, mutual funds, and more, catering to diverse interests and preferences. While supporting users from most countries around the world, CFD Trader excludes residents of the United States.

Account Types

How to Open an Account?

Opening an account with CFD Trader involves a simple and structured process. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Register with Trade Teupro 100: Sign up on the platform, allowing the system to assess your needs and connect you with an appropriate educational firm, simplifying your entry into investment learning.

  2. Receive a Call from an Educational Firm: Expect a call from a representative of the educational firm matched with you, who will guide you through their platform's functionalities and resources.

  3. Begin Your Investment Learning: Once matched, engage with the selected education firm to gain insights and knowledge about investments, gradually building your understanding to prepare for navigating the investment world effectively.

How to Open an Account?

Personalized Learning Paths

CFD Trader distinguishes itself through its personalized approach to investment education. Unlike traditional platforms that offer a fixed curriculum, Trade Teupro 100 tailors its resources to match each user's unique goals and interests.

By acting as a helpful guide rather than a teacher, it connects individuals with education firms that align with their needs, ensuring a smoother and more engaging learning experience. This personalized approach not only prevents users from feeling overwhelmed or lost but also keeps them motivated and invested in their learning journey.

Customer Support

The customer support of CFD Trader primarily operates through email communication via their website. Users can easily reach out to the customer support team by sending an email detailing their queries, concerns, or feedback.

The website provides a designated contact form or email address for customer inquiries. This email-based support system allows users to articulate their issues clearly and receive timely responses from the Trade Teupro 100 team.

Customer Support


In conclusion, CFD Trader stands out as an educational platform focused on investment learning, satisfying users worldwide. Its emphasis on education, streamlined account setup, and personalized learning paths provide users with valuable resources to expand their understanding of investments.

However, limitations such as the lack of regulatory oversight, limited geographical support, and reliance on third-party educational firms for teaching pose challenges. Nevertheless, the platform's responsive customer support and accessible information contribute to a positive user experience, empowering individuals to navigate the complexities of the investment world with confidence.


Q: What is the primary focus of CFD Trader?

A: CFD Trader primarily focuses on providing educational resources for investment learning, rather than facilitating actual trading or investment transactions.

Q: How does CFD Trader differ from traditional brokerage firms?

A: Unlike traditional brokerage firms, CFD Trader does not directly engage in trading activities.

Q: Can I trade stocks and bonds directly with CFD Trader?

A: No, CFD Trader does not facilitate direct trading of stocks and bonds.

Q: What account types does CFD Trader offer?

A: CFD Trader offers a streamlined account type focused on simplicity and accessibility for users interested in learning about investments.

Q: Is CFD Trader regulated by financial authorities?

A: No, CFD Trader operates primarily as an educational platform and is not subject to traditional financial regulations.

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CFD Trader App


CFD Trader

Regulatory Status

No Regulation

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