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Market Equity

Kuwait|2-5 years|
Straight Through Processing(STP)|MT5 Full License|The server is only located in China.|Suspicious Overrun|Medium potential risk|


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MT4/5 Identification


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Kuwait 2.48

MT4/5 Identification

MT4/5 Identification

Full License

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MarketEquityInc-Demo MT5
Server Location China




Influence index NO.1

Kuwait 2.48

Surpassed 33.92% brokers

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+44 1 444 36 4444
Floor 17, Sharq Tower, Ahmad Aljaber St, Block no: 4, Sharq, Kuwait.


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+44 1 444 36 4444


+965 2202 3225


+965 2249 6460

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Market Equity Holding Company

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Market Equity

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Previous Detection : 2024-06-25
  • The VanuatuVFSC regulation (license number: 40221) claimed by this broker is suspected to be clone. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The AustraliaASIC regulation (license number: 628 889 243) claimed by this broker is suspected to be clone. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The Vanuatu VFSC regulation with license number: 40221 is an offshore regulation. Please be aware of the risk!

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Market Equity · Company Summary

Aspect Details
Company Name Market Equity Holding Company
Registered Country/Area Kuwait
Founded year 2019
Regulation LFSA ( Regulated), Australia ASIC (Suspicious Clone), Vanuatu VFSC (Suspicious Clone)
Tradable assets Commodities, Forex, Futures, Indicators, Shares
Account Types ECN Account, Money Back Account, Scalping Account, Demo Account
Minimum Deposit $100
Maximum Leverage Up to 1:500 (ECN and Money Back Account), Up to 1:200 (Scalping Account)
Spreads Starts from 0.0 (ECN Account), Starting from 1.4 (Money Back and Scalping Account)
Trading Platforms MT5
Demo Account Available
Customer Support Phone: +44 1 444 36 4444Email:
Deposit & Withdrawal K-net, Credit cards, Bank wire, Skrill, Neteller, SticPay, Cashu
Educational Resources Forex Learning Videos, Glossary, Articles, Daily Technical Analysis

Overview of Market Equity

Market Equity emerged in 2019, rooted in Kuwait, adhering to regulatory standards set by the Malaysia Labuan Financial Services Authority(LFSA). This broker facilitates a rich trading ecosystem on the MT5 platform, presenting an array of tradable assets including commodities, forex, and more. It appeals to various trading preferences with account types such as ECN and Scalping, all starting from a $100 deposit. Market Equity is distinguished by its leverage, offering up to 1:500, and its pioneering Prepaid Card App for convenient financial transactions.

Overview of Market Equity

Pros and Cons

Market Equity, regulated by the Malaysia Labuan Financial Services Authority, offers a solid array of trading instruments and embraces the advanced MT5 trading platform. With multiple deposit and withdrawal methods, they provide flexibility and ease for managing funds. The educational resources available are a boon for both new and experienced traders seeking to enhance their market knowledge.

On the flip side, the broker's reputation is tarnished by being flagged as a “Suspicious Clone” by both ASIC and VFSC, signaling potential red flags for those concerned about the integrity of their investments. The imposition of inactivity and maintenance fees, along with service charges on bank transfers, could detract from the broker's appeal by increasing the cost of trading. Additionally, the withdrawal process duration may cause inconvenience for traders needing quick access to their funds.

Pros Cons
  • Regulated by Malaysia Labuan FSA
  • Identified as a “Suspicious Clone” by ASIC and VFSC
  • Wide range of trading instruments
  • Inactivity fees and maintenance fees charged
  • Multiple deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Service charges on bank transfers
  • Utilization of MT5
  • Withdrawal process takes 1-2 working days
  • Various educational resources
  • No customer support on weekends

Is Market Equity legit or a scam?

Market Equity navigates a nuanced regulatory framework. It is legitimized through regulation by the Malaysia Labuan Financial Services Authority, holding a Straight Through Processing (STP) license. Nonetheless, the regulatory narrative of Market Equity is muddled by its classification as a “Suspicious Clone” by regulatory bodies in Australia and Vanuatu, related to common business and retail forex licenses. This duality in regulatory standing points to a legitimate operation within specific confines but raises red flags in other aspects.

Is Market Equity legit or a scam?
Is Market Equity legit or a scam?
Is Market Equity legit or a scam?

Market Instruments

Market Equity provides an extensive selection of trading instruments.

Commodities trading with Market Equity encompasses major items that draw attention worldwide, satisfying those interested in this segment.

For forex enthusiasts, the broker enables trading in the vast currency exchange market, offering significant opportunities.

Futures trading is also supported, granting traders the ability to speculate or hedge against future price movements of various assets. Moreover, Market Equity offers a variety of indicators and simple strategies for traders to explore, alongside the option to trade shares of multiple companies, thereby broadening the scope of investment possibilities.

Account Types

Market Equity offers three trading accounts, namely:

ECN Account:

  • Minimum Deposit: $100

  • Leverage: Up to 1:500

  • Spreads: Starts from 0.0

  • Commission: $8

This account allows a minimum lot size of 0.01, lot restriction per ticket at 50 lots, and a net open position for each symbol capped at 100. The stop-out level is set at 20%. Hedging is permitted.

Money Back Account:

  • Minimum Deposit: $100

  • Leverage: Up to 1:500

  • Spreads: Starting from 1.4

  • Commission: None

This types of account offers a financial return of $3 per lot, with a minimum lot size of 0.01. Similar lot restrictions as the ECN account. The stop-out level is 20%. Scalping is not permitted.

Scalping Account:

  • Minimum Deposit: $100

  • Leverage: Up to 1:200

  • Spreads: Starting from 1.4

  • Commission: None

This account is created for scalping with a stop-out level at 20%, allowing a minimum lot size of 0.01. It shares the lot restriction and net open position cap with the other accounts.

Additionally, a demo account is available for traders to practice without risking real money.

Account Type Minimum Deposit Leverage Spreads Commission
ECN Account $100 Up to 1:500 Starts from 0.0 $8
Money Back Account $100 Up to 1:500 Starting from 1.4 None
Scalping Account $100 Up to 1:200 Starting from 1.4 None
Account Types

How to Open an Account with Market Equity

Opening an account with Market Equity involves a straightforward, five-step process created to guide you efficiently from registration to trading.

Initially, select the ‘Open Live Account’ on their website and fill in the necessary personal details. Following this, an activation email will be sent to you for email verification. The next step requires completing a KYC application, essential for account verification to meet security and compliance standards. Once approved, you will receive confirmation and account credentials via email. Finally, after downloading the MT5 application and funding your account, you are ready to embark on your trading journey.


Market Equity's leverage offerings appeal to a various array of trading preferences, with the ECN and Money Back Accounts providing up to 1:500 leverage for those seeking to maximize their trading potential. In contrast, the Scalping Account offers up to 1:200 leverage, ideal for traders focusing on quick, small gains.


Spreads & Commissions

Market Equity provides competitive spreads beginning at 0 pips, accommodating those prioritizing cost-effective trading. Commissions are differentiated across account types, offering both commission-free options and $8 per-lot for ECN Account.

Other Fees

Market Equity enforces various non-trading fees. These encompass SWAPs rates, charged for holding positions overnight, which fluctuate daily and can be positive or negative. Swap-Free accounts, while exempt from traditional SWAPs, are subject to specific overnight charges and require prior approval. The broker notes that not every instrument is suitable for swap-free status.

Inactivity fees kick in after three months without trading, with maintenance fees charged monthly. Inactive accounts are also subject to overnight and swap fees if no activity is observed for over a month. Market Equity recommends regular consultations with an Account Manager or Customer Support for the latest swap rates and information on additional charges.

Other Fees

Trading Platform

Market Equity provides its clients with the versatile MT5 platform, allowing for trading across various asset classes—Forex, stocks, futures, commodities, energies, and indices—all through a single platform compatible with multiple operating systems. To enhance the trading experience, Market Equity has also launched the Market Equity Prepaid Card App. This innovative app links a prepaid Mastercard with the user's trading account, facilitating straightforward financial transactions such as depositing funds, transferring money between cardholders, card balance replenishments, withdrawals from ATMs, online purchases, making international payments, and immediate balance checks.

Trading Platform

Trading Tools

Market Equity offers advanced trading tools including a Virtual Private Server (VPS), which is integrated directly with the MetaTrader 5 platform via MetaQuotes. This VPS service allows for faster trade execution, increased security, and continuous connectivity, eliminating the need for a physical setup. Furthermore, the platform introduces a Multi Account Manager (MAM) feature, enabling effective management of multiple trading accounts in a unified manner. This feature is especially useful for portfolio managers and traders handling multiple accounts at once.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Market Equity offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, including K-net for online banking, credit cards, bank wire transfers, and payment gateways like Skrill, Neteller, SticPay, and Cashu.

There's no specified limit for deposits, allowing traders from various financial backgrounds to participate. Withdrawal processes are slated to take one to two working days, and all bank transfers incur service charges. When using debit or credit cards, Market Equity requires a partial card copy for record-keeping, ensuring security and compliance.

Customer Support

Customer support is available from Monday to Friday

Phone: +44 1 444 36 4444


Educational Resources

Market Equity provides Forex Learning Videos across several categories, encompassing 30 lessons on trading, market analysis, price patterns, and technical strategies. A Financial Glossary with over 150 terms supports multilingual understanding. In-depth articles cover a wide array of financial subjects, offering analyses on market trends and economic events. Additionally, the Daily Technical Analysis section delivers up-to-date insights on key currency pairs, commodities, and indices, keeping traders informed with the latest market developments.

Educational Resources


Established in 2019 and based in Kuwait, Market Equity operates under the regulatory oversight of Malaysia's Labuan FSA but faces scrutiny as a “Suspicious Clone” by ASIC and VFSC, raising questions about its authenticity. Offering a wide array of tradable assets, competitive leverage, and spreads across different account types, it facilitates trading via the advanced MT5 platform. Its commitment to trader education and varied financial transaction methods enhances user experience. However, its regulatory ambiguity, combined with additional fees, necessitates thorough investigation by prospective traders to ensure a safe and beneficial trading environment.


Q: What's Market Equity's regulation status?

A: It's overseen by Malaysia's Labuan FSA but noted as a “Suspicious Clone” by ASIC and VFSC, necessitating careful scrutiny from potential clients.

Q: Which trading platform is available?

A: Market Equity offers the advanced MT5 platform and Market Equity Prepaid Card App, accommodating various trading demands with its comprehensive tools.

Q: What types of trading accounts does Market Equity offer?

A: They provide ECN, Money Back, Scalping, and Demo accounts, appealing to various trading strategies and preferences.

Q: What is the minimum deposit required at Market Equity?

A: The minimum deposit to open an account with Market Equity is $100.

Q: How does Market Equity handle leverage and spreads?

A: Leverage can reach up to 1:500 for ECN and Money Back accounts, and up to 1:200 for Scalping accounts. Spreads start from 0.0 pips for the ECN Account and from 1.4 for Money Back and Scalping Accounts.

Q: Are there educational resources available for traders at Market Equity?

A: Yes, Market Equity offers educational resources including Forex Learning Videos, a Glossary, Articles, and Daily Technical Analysis to support traders' education.

Q: What are the deposit and withdrawal options at Market Equity?

A: Deposits and withdrawals can be made via K-net, credit cards, bank wire, Skrill, Neteller, SticPay, Cashu, and others, offering a range of options for financial transactions.

Risk Warning

Online trading poses substantial risks, with the potential for complete loss of invested capital, rendering it unsuitable for all traders. It is imperative to comprehend the inherent risks and acknowledge that the information provided in this review is subject to change due to continuous updates in the company's services and policies.

Additionally, the review's generation date is a critical consideration, as information may have evolved since then. Readers are strongly advised to verify updated details directly with the company before making any decisions, as the responsibility for utilizing the information herein rests solely with the reader.

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Hassan Khand
more than one year
Market Equity lets me trade with just $100! Plus, no hidden fees that I've seen so far. Feeling good about my chances here, gotta say. Maybe some trading luck with Market Equity on my side?😀😀😀
2024-05-11 09:45
more than one year
Tried Market Equity. Lots of trading options (forex, stocks, etc.) and the MT5 platform is nice. But their regulation seems sketchy (flags from some authorities). Plus, some hidden fees like inactivity charges. Would be careful before putting real money in.
2024-03-14 16:58
Erit Sam
more than one year
I think it's a good broker. I first tried a demo account and liked it. Then I opened a live account. The deposits and withdrawals were fast processed. The site is convenient and the platform is working well.
2023-03-01 16:50


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