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+54 (11)5218 6000
Libertador 498 - 5to Sur CABA, Argentina


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+54 (11)5218 6000

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Bell Investments S.A.

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BELL INVESTMENTS · Company Summary

BELL INVESTMENTS Basic Information
Headquarters Argentina
Regulations No license
Products Actions, Mutual Funds, Letes, Negotiable Bonds, Stock Market Surety Bonds, Bonuses, Lebacs, Stock Options, Futures, and Deferred Payment Checks
Customer Support Email: sugerencias@bellbursatil.comPhone: +54 (11) 5218 6000


BELL INVESTMENTS is a brokerage firm situated in Argentina, which registered in Libertador 498 - 5to Sur CABA, Argentina. It is an online trading platform offering a variety of financial instruments to traders. Traders can access the Actions, Mutual Funds, Letes, Negotiable Bonds, Stock Market Surety Bonds, Bonuses, Lebacs, Stock Options, Futures, and Deferred Payment Checks. However, its lack of regulation may pose risks to traders, requiring careful consideration before engaging in trading activities.



BELL INVESTMENTS has no license. It is important to note that this broker currently has no valid regulation, which means it operates without oversight from recognized financial regulatory authorities. It is advisable for traders to thoroughly research and consider the regulatory status of a broker before engaging in trading activities to ensure a safer and more secure trading experience.


Pros and Cons

BELL INVESTMENTS offers access to many products, providing flexibility and catering to varying trading needs. However, its lack of regulation raises concerns about transparency and investor protection. Overall, while BELL INVESTMENTS offers opportunities for trading, traders should approach with caution due to the lack of regulatory supervision and limited support resources.

Pros Cons
  • Offering various products
  • Operates without regulatory oversight, potentially exposing traders to risks
  • Lack of educational resources or transparency regarding company policies and procedures

Trading Instruments

BELL INVESTMENTS offers a diverse range of trading instruments, including Actions, Mutual Funds, Letes, Negotiable Bonds, Stock Market Surety Bonds, Bonuses, Lebacs, Stock Options, Futures, and Deferred Payment Checks.

Actions: It enables you to become an associate with renowned companies, both domestically and internationally. By utilizing this financial tool, you're investing in a tangible enterprise and stand to gain from the potential increase in share value. Additionally, you may also reap the rewards from dividends, which are payments distributed by some companies as a way to allocate their earnings among shareholders.

Mutual Funds: It manifests in the form of an investment portfolio, which is an amalgamation of various asset classes. Each class within the portfolio is selected with a clear return target in mind, corresponding to a predetermined level of risk that investors agree to undertake.

Letes: These financial instruments are dollar-denominated debt securities issued by the National Treasury. They offer investors a specified interest rate paid in U.S. dollars upon maturity, along with the reimbursement of the initial investment amount.

Negotiable Bonds: Negotiable Bonds represent debt obligations issued by private entities. Investors purchasing these securities effectively become creditors to the issuing company and are entitled to receive their invested capital back, in addition to the stipulated interest, within a predefined timeframe.

Stock Market Surety Bonds: These transactions are designed to facilitate the lending or borrowing of funds. An asset holder in need of liquidity can temporarily offer their assets as collateral to secure the needed capital, with the obligation to pay interest. Conversely, individuals with excess cash may choose to invest in such operations, earning interest in return.

Bonuses: Government bonds, encompassing national, provincial, and municipal issuances in Argentina, are financial instruments for raising capital. In exchange for the funds received, the government promises to pay interest to the investor. These bonds are actively traded on the stock exchange and their returns may be linked to indices such as the Libor, or other benchmark variables like inflation or the dollar's value.

Lebacs: These are debt securities issued by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA), offering interest payments in pesos. They come with a range of maturity dates to suit different investment strategies.

Stock Options: This contract grants the holder the ability to trade an asset at a predetermined price on a specific future date. It provides the holder with the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell the asset under the agreed terms. Should the option holder choose to exercise this right, the individual who granted the right is then obligated to complete the transaction as per the contract's stipulations.

Futures: A futures contract is a binding agreement that commits the involved parties to purchase or sell a specified quantity of assets at a set date in the future, with the price also agreed upon in advance.

Deferred Payment Checks: A deferred payment check is a financial instrument that schedules a payment for a future date, drawn against an account in a recognized financial institution. At maturity, the issuer of the check must ensure that sufficient funds are available for the payment. These checks can be traded in the capital market, allowing for the acceleration of cash collection or the opportunity to earn interest by purchasing them. Consequently, they serve as an excellent financing mechanism for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Trading Instruments
Trading Instruments
Trading Instruments
Trading Instruments

How to open an account with BELL INVESTMENTS

  1. Visit the official website and select it to proceed.

  2. Complete the registration process on the subsequent page you're directed to.

  3. Begin trading using your newly established account.

How to open an account with BELL INVESTMENTS
How to open an account with BELL INVESTMENTS

Customer Support

The company can be contacted at +54 (11)5218 6000 or for any inquiries or assistance. You can also connect to them through,,

Customer Support


In conclusion, BELL INVESTMENTS presents traders with a variety trading instrument, facilitating flexible and accessible trading opportunities. However, the suspected of regulatory oversight poses potential risk may hinder efficient resolution of inquiries. Additionally, the lack of educational resources and unclear company policies may present challenges for traders seeking comprehensive guidance. Traders should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with BELL INVESTMENTS to mitigate potential risks and ensure a safer trading experience.


Q: In which country is BELL INVESTMENTS registered?

A: BELL INVESTMENTS is registered in Argentina.

Q: What is the official company name of BELL INVESTMENTS?

A: The official company name is Bell Investments S.A..

Q: Is BELL INVESTMENTS a regulated broker?

A: No, BELL INVESTMENTS is not licensed and has no valid regulation.

Q: Which tradable assets does BELL INVESTMENTS offer?

A: BELL INVESTMENTS offers a range of tradable assets including Actions, Mutual Funds, Letes, Negotiable Bonds, Stock Market Surety Bonds, Bonuses, Lebacs, Stock Options, Futures, and Deferred Payment Checks.

Q: What customer support options are available at BELL INVESTMENTS?

A: BELL INVESTMENTS offers customer support via email at and phone at +54 (11) 5218 6000. Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are also available.

Risk Warning

Online investments entail risks and may result in both profits and losses. In particular, trading leveraged derivative products such as Foreign Exchange (Forex) and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) carries a high level of risk to your capital. All these derivative products, many of which are leveraged, may not be appropriate for all investors. The effect of leverage is that both gains and losses are magnified. The prices of leveraged derivative products may change to your disadvantage very quickly, it is possible for you to lose more than your invested capital and you may be required to make further payments. It is important that you understand that with investments, your capital is at risk.

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more than one year
My friend in Spain recommended me to trade futures here, and I have not given it a try yet. I am still looking for other brokers or companies that could offer me more favorable trading offerings.
2023-03-13 12:08


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