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+61 2 8667 8090
Level 19, 60 Margaret St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia


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+61 2 8667 8090

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+852 3008 5721

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OzForex Limited

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OFX · Company Summary

Features OFX
Company Name OFX (Previously known as OzForex)
Registered in Australia
Regulated Yes (By ASIC in Australia)
Years of Establishment Since 1998
Trading Instruments Currency Exchange, International Payments
Account Types Small Business, Medium Business, Online Sellers
Minimum Initial Deposit Not Applicable (Focuses on currency exchange, not trading)
Minimum Spread Not Applicable (Offers competitive spreads in currency exchange)
Trading Platform Proprietary Web and Mobile App
Deposit and Withdrawal Method Bank Transfers, Credit/Debit Cards
Customer Service 24/7, Email, Telephone, Social Media

Overview of OFX

OFX is an Australian-based financial services company that specializes in online foreign exchange and international payments. Originally known as OzForex, the company rebranded to OFX in 2015 and has been in operation for several years, establishing itself as a credible and reliable entity in the financial industry. Headquartered in Sydney, the company has expanded its operations to have offices in eight different countries, including Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

The core of OFX's offerings revolves around providing tailored solutions to individuals, small businesses, medium businesses, and online sellers for their foreign exchange and payment needs. Whether you are an expatriate needing to send money back home, a small business looking to make frequent overseas transactions, or an online seller requiring accounts in multiple currencies, OFX claims to have a tailored solution for you.

Overview of OFX

Is OFX legit or a scam?

OFX is entirely legitimate and not a scam. It is regulated by ASIC in Market Making(MM) business.

They have physical offices in several countries around the world, including well-regulated financial markets like the United States and the United Kingdom. This not only provides a physical presence but also implies adherence to the regulatory requirements of these jurisdictions.

Furthermore, OFX has been in business for several years, gaining endorsements and partnerships with well-known entities like Travelex, MoneyGram, Xero, and Capital One 360, among others. These long-standing relationships add another layer of credibility to the firm.

Additionally, their website is encrypted, ensuring that your data is kept secure.

Is OFX legit or a scam?

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Multi-currency support (over 50 currencies) User interface could be improved
24/7 customer support Limited educational resources
Competitive exchange rates No other financial instruments (stocks, cryptocurrencies)
Reputation and reliability
Business-friendly features


  • Multi-Currency Support: One of OFX's strongest suits is its ability to support transactions in over 50 different currencies. This makes it incredibly versatile for businesses and individuals who have diverse currency needs.

  • 24/7 Customer Support: In the world of international finance, the market never sleeps. OFX's 24/7 customer support means that no matter what time zone you are in, help is available.

  • Competitive Rates: Unlike many traditional banks, OFX offers highly competitive exchange rates. They provide rates that are much closer to the interbank rates, thus saving customers money on each transaction.

  • Reputation and Reliability: OFX has been around for years and has earned a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy. Partnerships with notable companies further cement its reputation.

  • Business-Friendly Features: The company offers specialized accounts for small to medium-sized businesses and online sellers, allowing for better management of foreign transactions and multi-currency holdings.


  • User Interface: While functional, OFX's online platform may not be as user-friendly as some of its competitors. This could be a turn-off for those who are new to forex trading or international money transfers.

  • Limited Educational Resources: The company doesn't offer a wide range of educational materials for those who wish to learn more about forex trading. This could be a drawback for newcomers looking for guidance.

  • No Other Financial Instruments: OFX specializes in forex and does not offer trading in other financial instruments like stocks or cryptocurrencies. For traders interested in a more diverse portfolio, this could be a limitation.

Market Instruments

OFX specializes in currency exchange and international money transfers. The company does not offer a wide array of financial instruments like stocks, bonds, commodities, or cryptocurrencies. Their primary focus is to facilitate international money transfers at competitive rates and with transparent fee structures. This makes them highly specialized but also limited in scope if you're interested in a broader range of trading options.

The company supports over 50 currencies and allows transfers to more than 190 countries. This extensive support makes them a significant player in the global foreign exchange market. Whether you're a business that needs to pay overseas suppliers in different currencies or an individual looking to transfer funds internationally, OFX provides a dedicated platform for your needs.

Account Types

OFX offers a variety of account types designed to meet the diverse needs of their customer base, from individuals and small businesses to medium enterprises and online sellers.

  1. Small Business Account: This account type is ideal for businesses that have a yearly trading volume of up to $1 million. It provides the basic features needed for international money transfers and foreign currency holding.

  2. Medium Business Account: This account is suited for businesses with trading volumes exceeding $1 million per year. Additional features, like more advanced reporting and personalized service, are generally available for these account holders.

  3. Online Sellers Account: Targeted at e-commerce businesses, this account type offers the ability to hold multiple currencies, making it easier to manage international sales. The account allows for receiving payments in different currencies without the need for multiple bank accounts, thus simplifying cash flow management.

How to Open an Account?

Here's a generalized step by step guide on how to open an account on a website like OFX:

  1. Visit the Website: Firstly, visit

  2. Sign Up: Look for the “Sign Up” or “Register” button, usually at the top right corner of the page or in a prominent location on the home page.

How to Open an Account?
  1. Provide Information: You will be directed to a new page where you'll be asked to provide various details such as your full name, address, phone number, and email address. You may also need to provide additional identification information for security purposes.

How to Open an Account?
  1. Set Up Login Details: You will be asked to select a username and a strong password. Ensure that your password is unique and secure. For added security, you might also be asked to set up a security question and answer.

  2. Confirmation: Once you've filled out all the necessary information, click on the “Submit” or “Complete Registration” button. You should receive a confirmation email from OFX. Click on the link in the email to verify your account. After that, you've successfully opened an account.


OFX primarily deals with currency exchange and international payments, and as such, does not offer leveraged trading. Their services are tailored for direct currency conversion and transfer, making them a safer but less flexible option compared to typical forex trading platforms that offer leverage.

Spreads & Commissions

OFX aims to provide transparent and competitive pricing for its customers. Unlike many traditional banks, which often charge a markup of up to 5% on the interbank rate, OFX maintains much lower margins. Their revenue comes from the spread between the interbank rate and the rate they offer their customers. This allows OFX to offer competitive exchange rates, especially beneficial for businesses and individuals who frequently need to convert large sums of money.

Trading Platform

The OFX trading platform is accessible through their website and mobile applications. While it does not offer the advanced charting tools, algorithms, or trading capabilities that specialized trading platforms do, it serves its primary purpose of facilitating currency exchange and international payments well. The interface is straightforward, with easy navigation, though some users might find it less user-friendly compared to platforms designed with trading in mind.

Deposit & Withdrawal

OFX's deposit and withdrawal methods are somewhat limited but are designed to be secure and efficient. Most transactions are conducted via bank transfers, ensuring the safety of funds. However, this might mean that transactions could take longer to process compared to platforms that accept credit or debit cards or e-wallets.

Customer Support

OFX offers a comprehensive customer support system to ensure that its customers' needs and inquiries are promptly attended to. Here are some of the key details:

Office Address: Their office is located at Fitzwilliams Court, 2 Leeson Close, Dublin 2, D02 YW24, Ireland.

Email: They can be contacted via email at for both personal and business clients. For business development, partnerships and strategic alliance queries, the contact email is

Telephone: OFX provides dedicated phone lines for client support, available 24/7. The international number is +353 1 582 5307. They also have dedicated lines for Ireland (1 800 948 364), Germany (0800 181 7242), Spain (900 838628), and France (0805 080584).

Customer Support

Brokers Comparison

Features/ Broker OFX IronFX OctaFX
Headquarters Sydney, Australia Limassol, Cyprus Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Specialization Currency Exchange, International Payments Forex, CFDs Forex, CFDs, Cryptocurrencies
Account Types Small Business, Medium Business, Online Sellers Micro, Premium, VIP Micro, Pro, ECN
Leverage Not Available Up to 1:1000 Up to 1:500
Spreads & Commissions Competitive Spreads, No Commissions Variable Spreads, Some Commissions Low Spreads, No Commissions
Trading Platforms Proprietary Web and Mobile App MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader
Educational Resources Limited Extensive Moderate

Educational Resources

When it comes to educational resources, OFX falls a bit short compared to other brokers and financial service providers. While they offer some basic guides and FAQs on currency exchange and international money transfers, they do not offer extensive educational materials, tutorials, or webinars that some other platforms provide. If you're new to the world of forex and international money transfers, you might find the educational offerings of OFX to be limited.


OFX is a legitimate and reliable option for individuals and businesses looking for specialized services in currency exchange and international payments. With a multi-country presence, a strong reputation, and the backing of several high-profile corporate partners, the company stands as a credible financial services provider. While it may not offer the diverse range of financial instruments or trading features that some other brokers provide, its specialization in foreign exchange makes it an excellent choice for those specific needs.

Its pros outweigh its cons, especially for businesses and individuals who don't require an expansive range of financial services but are seeking a specialized, reliable solution for their currency exchange and international money transfer needs.


  1. Q: Does OFX offer any tools for risk management in currency exchange?

    A: While OFX does not offer traditional trading tools like stop-loss orders or leverage, it does provide forward contracts that allow you to lock in exchange rates for future transactions, which can be a useful risk management strategy.

  2. Q: What is the minimum amount that can be transferred via OFX?

    A: OFX typically has a minimum transfer amount of around $1,000 or its equivalent in other currencies, making it more suitable for traders and businesses looking to move substantial sums internationally.

  3. Q: Is there any API support for automating my foreign exchange transactions?

    A: Yes, OFX provides API support that can enable automated currency transfers and conversions, which can be integrated into existing business systems for seamless financial operations.

  4. Q: How fast are transactions processed, and do they offer same-day service?

    A: Transaction speed depends on the currency pairs involved and the receiving bank. While OFX aims to complete transactions as quickly as possible, it is advisable to allow 1-2 business days for the funds to be received.

  5. Q: Are the exchange rates offered by OFX fixed or variable during the trading day?

    A: OFX's exchange rates are variable and influenced by the interbank exchange rates. However, once you lock in a rate for a specific transaction, it remains fixed for that particular deal.

  6. Q: Does OFX offer multi-currency accounts for traders who deal with multiple currencies?

    A: Yes, OFX offers a Global Currency Account that allows you to hold, pay, and receive in multiple currencies, which can be beneficial for traders and businesses engaged in international commerce.


WIKIFX REPORT: Douugh teams up with OFX for foreign exchange offering

NewsWIKIFX REPORT: Douugh teams up with OFX for foreign exchange offering

2022-06-23 12:03

The AI-powered neobank Douugh (ASX: DOU), which recently acquired the share trading app Goodments, has announced a strategic alliance with OFX (ASX: OFX) to enhance foreign exchange services on the newly integrated platform.

2022-06-23 12:03
WIKIFX REPORT: Douugh teams up with OFX for foreign exchange offering


2022-06-23 11:59

Sydney-headquartered OFX Group Limited today announced that it has agreed to take full ownership of Firma Foreign Exchange Corporation for a total consideration of C$90 million ($69.62 million).

2022-06-23 11:59
WIKIFX REPORT: Completion of acquisition of Firma Foreign Exchange Corp

NewsWIKIFX REPORT: Completion of acquisition of Firma Foreign Exchange Corp

2022-06-23 11:56

OFX completes acquisitionof Canadian Corporate foreign exchange businessFirma Foreign Exchange Corporation

2022-06-23 11:56
WIKIFX REPORT: Completion of acquisition of Firma Foreign Exchange Corp
WIKIFX REPORT: OFX Announces the Establishment of its European HQ in Dublin

NewsWIKIFX REPORT: OFX Announces the Establishment of its European HQ in Dublin

2022-06-23 11:50

OFX, a supplier of international money transfers and foreign exchange services, has announced the opening of its European headquarters in Dublin as OFX Payments Ireland Limited. The announcement comes as the corporation aims to expand its market share in Ireland and the EU. Maeve McMahon was recently appointed by OFX as its CEO and regional growth leader.

2022-06-23 11:50
WIKIFX REPORT: OFX Announces the Establishment of its European HQ in Dublin

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more than one year
Very disappointed with the customer service provided by this company. Despite my request to upgrade my account to their elite account since May 2023, they have not converted my account yet. They changed my account from Pro to VIP without informing me, resulting in higher spread and commission. The slippage on low volume trades, even with different order types, is very high.
2024-03-27 15:49
more than one year
OFX stands out as a reliable financial partner for businesses involved in international transactions. The platform's specialization in currency exchange, competitive rates, and 24/7 customer support contribute to its appeal. While the lack of extensive educational resources is a drawback, the overall reputation and business-friendly features make it a trustworthy choice for those with specific currency exchange needs.
2023-12-04 16:57
more than one year
I encountered a little problem when browsing the website before, so I asked their online customer service, and the reply was very fast!
2023-02-28 14:03
more than one year
Buddies, I have experienced the worst money transferring service here, really. Firstly, they say the minimum transfer amount is no less than $1,000. Secondly, they charged additional mark-up on exchange rates, thirdly, their staff treated me so rudely. I would never use their service any more.
2023-02-16 10:15


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